Thank you for purchasing a Dart flyscreen. It has been carefully designed and manufactured to suit a specific motorcycle model and by following these instructions you should encounter no problems with fitting. 

The kit should comprise the following:

1 x Makrolon® polycarbonate screen
4 x EPDM rubber grommets
1 x left hand mounting bracket
1 x right hand mounting bracket
4 x stainless hex head machine screws
4 x washers

Tools required: you will need a 4mm and 5mm Allen key

  1. Fit the grommets to the screen - this is best achieved from the back of the screen blade.

  2. Underneath the top yoke is a bracket which holds the instruments. This is retained by two 10mm bolts, which will be used to locate the screen brackets

  3. Remove one of the bolts, fit the appropriate screen mounting bracket, and refit it. Tighten the bolt, but not fully.

  4. Repeat the operation for the other screen bracket.

  5. With both brackets fixed, hold the screen blade in position and loosely fit the four hexagon head machine screws with their washers, ensuring that they engage in the captive nuts on the brackets. Now gradually tighten all the screws evenly until they are seated on the brackets.

  6. Sit on the bike and make sure the screen is central; this is achieved by eye. You should line up the headlamps too, so that everything looks right. When this is the case, tighten up the screen bracket bolts. Check the steering from lock to lock to make sure that all cables are clear and not binding, and adjsut if necessary.

  7. Double check that everything is sufficiently tight and if so, fitting is now complete!

MAINTENANCE: No special maintenance is required. Do not use solvents to clean - just warm soapy water. Many proprietary glass cleaners are suitable for polycarbonate - check the label before trying.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Whilst the screen provides a good level of impact protection, it is not warranted unbreakable. It is NOT a substitute for eye protection, which should be worn at all times while riding.

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