Thank you for purchasing a Dart flyscreen. It has been carefully designed and manufactured to suit a specific motorcycle model and by following these instructions you should encounter no problems with fitting. 

The kit should comprise the following:

1 x Makrolon® polycarbonate screen
4 x EPDM rubber grommets
1 x mounting bracket
1 x plastic intrument backplate
1 x plastic cover
4 x stainless hex head machine screws
2 x stainless M6 x 10mm cap-head machine screws
3 x stainless M6 x 16mm button-head machine screws
4 x stainless washers

Tools required: you will need a 4mm and 5mm Allen key

  1. Fit the grommets to the screen - this is best achieved from the back of the screen blade.

  2. Remove the back of the instrument console. This is a snap fit on the front subframe and can be pulled off relatively easily. Remove the rubber edging strip.

  3. Disconnect the wiring from the instruments. Pull back the rubber boot, press in the tab at the bottom edge of the plug, and pull the plug out.

  4. Now fit the rubber edging strip onto the new instrument console backplate, and hold it up to the instrument subframe. Place the steel bracket in position, and fit the three M6 x 16mm button-head screws through the plain (unthreaded) holes in the bracket. These screws should go through the bracket and the plastic backplate, and screw into the subframe. Put them in loosely to start, and be careful to avoid crossthreading, as the subframe is made of relatively soft alloy. Once they are all in position, tighten these screws.

  5. Reconnect the wiring to the instruments and push the rubber boot back into position.

  6. Fit the cover to the backplate, and fix in position using the two M6 x 10mm screws, which locate into the steel bracket.

  7. Now fit the screen, using the four special screws and washers. These screws have shoulders to avoid compressing the grommets too much – don’t try and overtighten them or you may damage the threads.

  8. Double check that everything is sufficiently tight and if so, fitting

MAINTENANCE: No special maintenance is required. Do not use solvents to clean - just warm soapy water. Many proprietary glass cleaners are suitable for polycarbonate - check the label before trying.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Whilst the screen provides a good level of impact protection, it is not warranted unbreakable. It is NOT a substitute for eye protection, which should be worn at all times while riding.

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